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Autographed Memorabilia Display Cases

Thank you for visiting the Mainstream Memorabilia blog and website. We like to provide our online visitors with news, tips and advice concerning autographed memorabilia. Today we would like to discuss a little about using display cases to protect your valuable autographed memorabilia.

When collecting autographed memorabilia, you may want to properly display your items, and it is a good idea to protect your investment. Storing and displaying your collectible autographed memorabilia is as important to their preservation as it is to the attractiveness of their display.

Take adequate measures to protect and preserve your autographed memorabilia. Keep memorabilia items in a protective display case and protect your Certificates of Authenticity safely in a fireproof case. When mounting your autographed memorabilia articles, use acid-free paper, fabric, tissue, folders, or boxes To prevent decay of the items. If you have children around, you may want to consider displaying your collectibles out of their reach.

Autographed photos need to be handled carefully and gently because a simple fingerprint or rip can decrease the value of an otherwise beautiful piece of autographed memorabilia. Special framing and mounting materials should be used to preserve both the autograph and image. Amateur framers may use glue, spray adhesive or tape which could stain the paper or make it impossible to make changes to your framing in the future.

Ventillation is important to store your autographed items properly. Avoid sunlight because the light can cause the ink in your item to fade. Remember, wooden cases can encourage aging, and metal safes can be dangerous for autographed memorabilia due to condensation.

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