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customer account informationWelcome to the Mainstream Memorabilia blog and website. We like to provide our online visitors with news, tips and advice concerning autographed memorabilia. Today we would like to show our readers how to create a Mainstream Memorabilia customer account and receive our bi-monthly newsletter every 2 weeks.

The purpose of the newsletter is to announce the autographed memorabilia discount specials for each month, and then a reminder 10 days before the end of the month. When our customers register with us they receive a newsletter in their email promoting discount specials of popular stars from film, television and music.

Register for a new Mainstream Memorabilia customer account to register for our newsletter and receive an email with news and updates concerning autographed memorabilia bi-monthly. Simply go to our Customer Log In Page and create an account.

To make an account, simply enter your company name, address details, phone number, email, a password and then confirm the password. Be sure to check the ‘Subscribe to Our Newsletter’ radio button and click ‘submit’.

Once you enter your details, you do not need to verify your email, but you will receive emails for special offers that only members get!

Once you make an account, click the My Account link that appears. At this point, a screen shows up titled My Account Information, then click the Subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters link. For more about newsletters, read this post entitled, Subscribing to Mainstream Memorabilia Newsletters.

Register for our newsletter and receive an email with news and updates concerning autographed memorabilia every month. When you register with us, you not only receive the monthly autographed memorabilia newsletter, but you can track your current order’s status and even review your previous orders.

If you are interested in certain items of specific celebrities, contact us today at 407-590-7318 with any comments, questions and article suggestions on autographed memorabilia. We offer easy payment options for our customers and are here to help! Bookmark our blog and website for autographed memorabilia updates, and don’t forget to register for our monthly newsletter today!

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