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Thank you for visiting the Mainstream Memorabilia blog and website. We like to offer our website visitors about news, tips and advice concerning autographed memorabilia.

In order to receive newsletters from Mainstream Memorabilia, the user needs to do one more step once an account is made. Today we would like to inform our online readers about subscribing to Mainstream Memorabilia newsletters after making an account.

Once you make an account by filling all required fields at the Customer Log In or Register if New link at the top, then click the My Account link that appears. At this point, a screen shows up titled My Account Information, then click the Subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters link.
Once you check the box and click Update and you can receive monthly newsletters to your email to keep informed about Mainstream’s autographed memorabilia specials and more.

Thank you again for visiting our blog and website. Click the screenshot photos to see more detail of how these screens look. Share us with friends and family and be sure to bookmark our blog and website for more news, tips and advice concerning autographed memorabilia today!

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